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public static interface NbDocument.Printable
extends Document

Document which may support styled text printing. Any document that wishes to support special formatting while printing can implement this interface and provide a AttributedCharacterIterator specifying colors, fonts, etc.

Field Summary
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StreamDescriptionProperty, TitleProperty
Method Summary
 AttributedCharacterIterator[] createPrintIterators()
          Get an attributed character iterator for the document, so that it may be printed.
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addDocumentListener, addUndoableEditListener, createPosition, getDefaultRootElement, getEndPosition, getLength, getProperty, getRootElements, getStartPosition, getText, getText, insertString, putProperty, remove, removeDocumentListener, removeUndoableEditListener, render

Method Detail


public AttributedCharacterIterator[] createPrintIterators()
Get an attributed character iterator for the document, so that it may be printed.

For a convenient way to do this, you may use a simple implementation of an attributed character list.

list of AttributedCharacterIterators to be used for printing
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