Package org.openide.src

The parsing results of Java sources and the result of Java Reflection may be uniformly accessed as source elements.


Interface Summary
ClassElement.Finder Provides a "finder" for class elements.
ClassElement.Impl Pluggable behavior for class elements.
ConstructorElement.Impl Implementation of constructors.
Element.Impl Pluggable implementation of the storage of element properties.
Element.Impl2 Extended version of the implementation interface.
ElementPrinter Prints elements in a textual form.
ElementProperties Names of properties of elements.
FieldElement.Impl Implementation of a field element.
Identifier.Resolver The interface allows lazy resolving of an Identifier to a fully qualified name.
InitializerElement.Impl Pluggable implementation of initializers.
JavaDoc Represents a JavaDoc comment block.
JavaDoc.Class The JavaDoc of a class.
JavaDoc.Field The JavaDoc of a field.
JavaDoc.Method The JavaDoc of a method.
JavaDocTag Represents a documentation tag, e.g.
JavaDocTag.Param Represents an @param documentation tag.
JavaDocTag.See Represents a see also documentation tag.
JavaDocTag.SerialField Documents a Serializable field defined by an ObjectStreamField.
JavaDocTag.Throws Represents a @throws or @exception documentation tag.
MemberElement.Impl Pluggable implementation of member elements.
MethodElement.Impl Pluggable behavior of the method element.
SourceElement.Impl Pluggable behaviour for source elements.

Class Summary
ClassElement Element that describes one class.
ConstructorElement Describes the constructor of a class.
ConstructorElement.Key Serves as a key for constructor elements.
DefaultElementPrinter A trivial implementation of ElementPrinter.
Element Base class for representations of elements in the Java language.
ElementFormat A format used to print members of the source hierarchy.
FieldElement Describes a field (variable) in a class.
Identifier Represents one identifier.
Import Represents one class or package import.
InitializerElement Element which represents an initializer block.
JavaDocSupport JavaDocSupport singleton which serves as source of memory implementations of JavaDoc objects and JavaDocTags
MemberElement Superclass for containable Java source members (fields, methods and classes).
MethodElement Representation of a method.
MethodElement.Key A key for method elements, for use in hash tables etc.
MethodParameter Describes an argument of a method.
MultiPropertyChangeEvent This class is much like the ordinary PropertyChange event, but refines the message so it carry diff between the old and the new contents.
SourceElement Describes an entire Java source file.
Type Java types.

Exception Summary
ElementPrinterInterruptException Thrown when an element printer stops printing at some notable point.
SourceException General exception for the source elements hierarchy.
SourceException.Veto This is a wrapper over an unspecified VetoException thrown from a VetoableListener during some change.
SourceVetoException Encapsulates a SourceException inside a PropertyVetoException so that VetoableListeners may report more fine-grained errors to the outside.

Package org.openide.src Description

The parsing results of Java sources and the result of Java Reflection may be uniformly accessed as source elements.

The Java Hierarchy API provides a single interface to any component capable of producing, or desiring to read, the hierarchical structure of Java source and bytecode.


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