Interface JavaDocTag

All Known Subinterfaces:
JavaDocTag.Param, JavaDocTag.See, JavaDocTag.SerialField, JavaDocTag.Throws

public interface JavaDocTag

Represents a documentation tag, e.g. @since, @author, @version. Given a tag (e.g. "@since 1.2"), holds tag name (e.g. "@since") and tag text (e.g. "1.2"). Tags with structure or which require special processing are handled by special interfaces (JavaDocTag.See, JavaDocTag.Param, JavaDocTag.Throws and JavaDocTag.SerialField). The interfaces provide subset of methods defined in Tag interfaces in the Doclet API.

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Nested Class Summary
static interface JavaDocTag.Param
          Represents an @param documentation tag.
static interface JavaDocTag.See
          Represents a see also documentation tag.
static interface JavaDocTag.SerialField
          Documents a Serializable field defined by an ObjectStreamField.
static interface JavaDocTag.Throws
          Represents a @throws or @exception documentation tag.
Method Summary
 String kind()
          Return the kind of this tag.
 String name()
          Return the name of this tag.
 String text()
          Return the text of this tag, that is, portion beyond tag name.

Method Detail


public String name()
Return the name of this tag.


public String kind()
Return the kind of this tag.


public String text()
Return the text of this tag, that is, portion beyond tag name.


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