Interface JavaDocTag.SerialField

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public static interface JavaDocTag.SerialField
extends JavaDocTag

Documents a Serializable field defined by an ObjectStreamField.

 The class parses and stores the three serialField tag parameters:

 - field name
 - field type name
      (fully-qualified or visible from the current import context)
 - description of the valid values for the field

This tag is only allowed in the javadoc for the special member

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Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class org.openide.src.JavaDocTag
JavaDocTag.Param, JavaDocTag.See, JavaDocTag.SerialField, JavaDocTag.Throws
Method Summary
 String description()
          Return the field comment.
 String fieldName()
          Return the serialziable field name.
 String fieldType()
          Return the field type string.
Methods inherited from interface org.openide.src.JavaDocTag
kind, name, text

Method Detail


public String fieldName()
Return the serialziable field name.


public String fieldType()
Return the field type string.


public String description()
Return the field comment. If there is no serialField comment, return javadoc comment of corresponding FieldDoc.


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