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Packages that use Sheet.Set
org.openide.nodes The IDE uses nodes to represent JavaBeans or other property containers, formed into a hierarchical tree. 

Uses of Sheet.Set in org.openide.nodes

Methods in org.openide.nodes that return Sheet.Set
 Sheet.Set Sheet.get(String name)
          Find the property set with a given name.
 Sheet.Set Sheet.put(Sheet.Set set)
          Add a property set.
 Sheet.Set Sheet.remove(String set)
          Remove a property set from the sheet.
static Sheet.Set Sheet.createPropertiesSet()
          Convenience method to create new sheet set named Sheet.PROPERTIES.
static Sheet.Set Sheet.createExpertSet()
          Convenience method to create new sheet set named Sheet.EXPERT.
 Sheet.Set Sheet.Set.cloneSet()
          Clone the property set.

Methods in org.openide.nodes with parameters of type Sheet.Set
 Sheet.Set Sheet.put(Sheet.Set set)
          Add a property set.


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