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Packages that use Node.PropertySet
org.openide.nodes The IDE uses nodes to represent JavaBeans or other property containers, formed into a hierarchical tree. 

Uses of Node.PropertySet in org.openide.nodes

Subclasses of Node.PropertySet in org.openide.nodes
static class Sheet.Set
          A set of Bean properties.

Methods in org.openide.nodes that return Node.PropertySet
 Node.PropertySet[] Sheet.toArray()
          Obtain the array of property sets.
abstract  Node.PropertySet[] Node.getPropertySets()
          Get the list of property sets for this node.
 Node.PropertySet[] FilterNode.getPropertySets()
 Node.PropertySet[] AbstractNode.getPropertySets()
          Get a list of property sets.

Methods in org.openide.nodes with parameters of type Node.PropertySet
protected  void Node.firePropertySetsChange(Node.PropertySet[] o, Node.PropertySet[] n)
          Fires a (Bean) property change event (for Node.PROP_PROPERTY_SETS).


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