Uses of Interface

Packages that use Index
org.openide.nodes The IDE uses nodes to represent JavaBeans or other property containers, formed into a hierarchical tree. 

Uses of Index in org.openide.nodes

Classes in org.openide.nodes that implement Index
static class Index.ArrayChildren
          Reorderable children list stored in an array.
static class Index.Support
          A support class implementing some methods of the Index cookie.

Fields in org.openide.nodes declared as Index
protected  Index
          Support instance for delegation of some Index methods.

Methods in org.openide.nodes that return Index
 Index Index.KeysChildren.getIndex()
          Getter for the index that works with this children.
protected  Index Index.KeysChildren.createIndex()
          The method that creates the supporting index for this children object.

Methods in org.openide.nodes with parameters of type Index
static void Index.Support.showIndexedCustomizer(Index idx)
          Utility method to create and show an indexed customizer.

Constructors in org.openide.nodes with parameters of type Index
IndexedNode(Children children, Index indexImpl)
          Allows subclasses to provide their own children and index handling.


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