Uses of Class

Uses of FileLock in org.openide.filesystems

Fields in org.openide.filesystems declared as FileLock
static FileLock FileLock.NONE
          Constant that can be used in filesystems that do not support locking.

Methods in org.openide.filesystems that return FileLock
abstract  FileLock FileObject.lock()
          Lock this file.

Methods in org.openide.filesystems with parameters of type FileLock
abstract  void FileObject.rename(FileLock lock, String name, String ext)
          Renames this file (or folder).
 FileObject FileObject.move(FileLock lock, FileObject target, String name, String ext)
          Moves this file.
abstract  void FileObject.delete(FileLock lock)
          Delete this file.
abstract  OutputStream FileObject.getOutputStream(FileLock lock)
          Get output stream.


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