Class MIMEResolver

  extended byorg.openide.filesystems.MIMEResolver

public abstract class MIMEResolver
extends Object

This class is intended as superclass for individual resolvers. All registered subclasses of MIMEResolver are looked up and asked one by one to resolve MIME type of passed FileObject. Resolving is finished right after a resolver is able to resolve the FileObject or if all registered resolvers returned null (not recognized).

Resolvers are registered if they have their record in the Lookup area. E.g. in form : org-some-package-JavaResolver.instance file.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  String findMIMEType(FileObject fo)
          Resolves FileObject and returns recognized MIME type
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Constructor Detail


public MIMEResolver()
Method Detail


public abstract String findMIMEType(FileObject fo)
Resolves FileObject and returns recognized MIME type

fo - is FileObject which should be resolved (This FileObject is not thread safe. Also this FileObject should not be cached for later use)
recognized MIME type or null if not recognized


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