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public static interface FileSystem.HtmlStatus
extends FileSystem.Status

Extension interface for Status provides HTML-formatted annotations. Principally this is used to deëmphasize status text by presenting it in a lighter color, by placing it inside <font color=!controlShadow> tags. Note that it is preferable to use logical colors (such as controlShadow) which are resolved by calling UIManager.getColor(key) — this way they will always fit with the look and feel. To use a logical color, prefix the color name with a ! character.

Please use only the limited markup subset of HTML supported by the lightweight HTML renderer.

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Method Summary
 String annotateNameHtml(String name, Set files)
          Annotate a name such that the returned value contains HTML markup.
Methods inherited from interface org.openide.filesystems.FileSystem.Status
annotateIcon, annotateName

Method Detail


public String annotateNameHtml(String name,
                               Set files)
Annotate a name such that the returned value contains HTML markup. The return value less the html content should typically be the same as the return value from annotateName(). This is used, for example, by VCS filesystems to deëphasize the status information included in the file name by using a light grey font color.

For consistency with Node.getHtmlDisplayName(), filesystems that proxy other filesystems (and so must implement this interface to supply HTML annotations) should return null if the filesystem they proxy does not provide an implementation of HTMLStatus.

See Also:
HtmlRenderer, DataNode.getHtmlDisplayName(), Node


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