Package org.openide.actions

There are a number of standard system actions available for use in the IDE.


Interface Summary
ToolsAction.Model Deprecated. Useless, see ActionManager.

Class Summary
ActionManager Collects access methods to implementation depended functionality for actions package.
CloneViewAction Create a clone of the current cloneable top component.
CloseViewAction Close the current top component.
CopyAction Copy the selected item to the clipboard.
CustomizeAction Customize a node (rather than using its property sheet).
CutAction Cut an object to the clipboard.
DeleteAction Delete an object.
EditAction Edit an object.
FindAction Search for something.
GarbageCollectAction Perform a system garbage collection.
GotoAction Go to a specific place (for example, line in the editor).
MoveDownAction Move an item down in a list.
MoveUpAction Move an item up in a list.
NewAction Creates a new child of the activated node, if appropriate.
NextTabAction Switches to the next tab in a window.
OpenAction Opens a node (for example, in a web browser, or in the Editor).
OpenLocalExplorerAction Open an Explorer window with a particular root node.
PageSetupAction Sets up page for printing.
PasteAction Paste from clipboard.
PopupAction Open a popup menu.
PreviousTabAction Go to the previous tab (in a window).
PrintAction Print the selected object.
PropertiesAction Get properties of a node.
RedoAction Redo an edit.
RenameAction Rename a node.
ReorderAction Reorder items in a list with a dialog.
ReplaceAction (Search-and-)replace (for example, in an Editor).
SaveAction Save a single object.
ToolsAction A "meta-action" that displays (in a submenu) a list of enabled actions provided by modules.
UndoAction Undo an edit.
UndockAction Deprecated. Do not use.
ViewAction View an object (but do not edit it).
WorkspaceSwitchAction Deprecated. No longer used since there are no more workspaces.

Package org.openide.actions Description

There are a number of standard system actions available for use in the IDE. The Actions API specifies how to attach existing actions to new components (such as data objects or nodes), as well as how to create new actions.


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