Class FileSensitiveActions


public class FileSensitiveActions
extends Object

Factory for creating file-sensitive actions.

Method Summary
static Action fileCommandAction(String command, String namePattern, Icon icon)
          Creates an action sensitive to the set of currently selected files.
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Method Detail


public static Action fileCommandAction(String command,
                                       String namePattern,
                                       Icon icon)
Creates an action sensitive to the set of currently selected files. When performed the action will call the given command on the ActionProvider of the selected project(s) and pass the proper context to it. Enablement of the action depends on the behavior of the project's action provider.
Shortcuts for actions are shared according to command, i.e. actions based on the same command will have the same shortcut.

command - the command which should be invoked when the action is performed
namePattern - pattern which should be used for determining the action's name (label). It takes two parameters a la MessageFormat: {0} - number of selected projects; {1} - name of the first project.
icon - icon of the action (or null)


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