Class ProjectOpenedHook

  extended byorg.netbeans.spi.project.ui.ProjectOpenedHook

public abstract class ProjectOpenedHook
extends Object

A hook which can be run when a project is "opened" or "closed" in the GUI.

The meaning of these terms is intentionally left vague, but typically opening a project signals that the user may wish to work with it, so it would be a good idea to make sure caches are up to date, etc. It is perfectly possible to load and use (even run) projects which are not open, so any project type provider using this hook cannot rely on it for basic semantics.

XXX run with mutex read or write held?

projectOpened() and projectClosed() are always called in pairs, e.g. a project cannot be opened twice in a row without being closed in between. Also a project left open at the end of one VM session will receive projectClosed() before shutdown and (if an open project list is persisted) projectOpened() sometime during the next startup.

An instance should be placed into a project's lookup to register it. All instances found in the lookup will be notified on project open and close.

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Constructor Summary
protected ProjectOpenedHook()
          Default constructor for use by subclasses.
Method Summary
protected abstract  void projectClosed()
          Called when a project is closed in the GUI.
protected abstract  void projectOpened()
          Called when a project is opened in the GUI.
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Constructor Detail


protected ProjectOpenedHook()
Default constructor for use by subclasses.

Method Detail


protected abstract void projectOpened()
Called when a project is opened in the GUI.

Typical things to do here:

  • Update build scripts using GeneratedFilesHelper.refreshBuildScript(...).

  • Call GlobalPathRegistry.register(...) with source, compile, and boot paths known to the project.

  • Write property to with absolute file path of the from the IDE's user directory. This makes it easier for the user to run headless builds in some cases. The IDE's user directory is defined in netbeans.user property of IDE's VM.


protected abstract void projectClosed()
Called when a project is closed in the GUI.

Typical things to do here:


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