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JavaHelp Integration API
org.netbeans.api.javahelp NetBeans JavaHelp integration API.


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The context and key OpenIDE/mergeIntoMaster can be set as an attribute on a help set provided programmatically rather than with an XML file to customize one attribute. Such programmatic provision is rare but supported.


The help window through JDK 1.5.0 handles modal dialogs by reparenting the help component into a child dialog of any new modal dialog whenever it is shown, and reparenting it back into a frame whenever it is hidden. Under certain circumstances (showing two dialogs sequentially before the frame can be re-shown), it can produce a race condition in the underlying java.awt.Toolkit implementation. As a workaround, callers of DialogDisplayer.getDefault().notify(DialogDescriptor) may set the system property "javahelp.ignore.modality" to the String "true". This system property will be reset by notify(), and applied as a client property of the root pane of the dialog to be shown. JavaHelp will, in turn, ignore the appearance of any dialog whose root pane posesses the client property "javahelp.ignore.modality" with the String value "true".

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