NetBeans Guess the Glyph Competition — Winners

Each week up to Java One 2006, will give away five t-shirts to the winners of the Guess the Glyph Competition. If you are not among this week's winners, just try again next week! The competition is now closed: See the glyphs page for the solution.

Week 7 Winners (1st - 7th May)

  • Mauricio Tsugawa (USA),
  • Dorota Ratkowska (Poland),
  • Fredrik Ryden (Sweden),
  • Cristian Mohr (Argentina),
  • Danilo Costa (Brazil)

Week 6 Winners (24th - 30th Apr)

  • Hugues Ferland (Canada),
  • Lv Shuxun (China),
  • Petrus Rademeyer (South Africa),
  • Agnieszka Meller (Poland),
  • Avi Schwartz (USA)

Week 5 Winners (17th - 23rd Apr)

  • Srgjan Srepfler (Italy),
  • Muhamed Zametica (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • Kirill Grouchnikov (Israel),
  • Nicholas Jones (Canada),
  • Andy Stevens (United Kingdom)

Week 4 Winners (10th - 16th Apr)

  • Sanat Gersappa (India),
  • Chart Krobtragolchai (Thailand),
  • Linda Toth (USA),
  • Renat Karimov (Kazakstann),
  • Andras Barta (Hungary)

Week 3 Winners (3rd - 9th Apr)

  • Carlos Alberto Garcia (Argentina),
  • Ludovic Engrand (France),
  • Mikel Perez Colmenar (Spain),
  • Amir Alagic (Sweden),
  • Ulrike Pado (Germany)

Week 2 Winners (27th Mar - 2nd Apr)

  • Riteshe (Mozambique),
  • Nathan Smith (USA),
  • Petr Vlcek (Czech Republic),
  • Claudiu Bulcu (Romania),
  • Reena Tapsee (Mauritius)

Week 1 Winners (20th - 26th Mar)

  • Luis Henrique Albinati Jr. (Brazil),
  • Ramon Omar Mata Rodriguez (Mexico),
  • Sergey Belov (Russia),
  • Khaja Mohammad (India),
  • Jaroslaw Meller (Poland)


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