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How much do you know about NetBeans' history? All submissions with the correct answers will be entered in a drawing for 5x a USB drive and a NetBeans 5.5 T-shirt. Only one submission per participant is accepted.

This quiz is already closed, winners will be contacted. The right answers are revealed below.

Hint: In this week's interview, NetBeans co-founder Yarda Tulach talks a lot about NetBeans' history.

Question 1

Where did it all start?

in a pub

in an internet cafe

at school

as a sourceforge project.

Question 2

Which one of these people was involved in starting the NetBeans company?

Roman Stanek

Roman Strobl

Gregg Sporar

Geertjan Wielenga.

Question 3

What was the first project name of NetBeans IDE?





Question 4

Where did the name NetBeans come from?

Beans alludes to Java coffee, and Net stems from Sun's slogan "the network is the computer".

From a "Network JavaBeans" feature proposal (that was discarded later)

Beans because the four founders drank lots of coffee, and Net because of networking features like CVS and Developer Collaboration

The two terms were chosen at random from a pool of cool IT and geek terms.

Question 5

Which of the following was never an original design for the NetBeans logo?

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Question 6

Jaroslav Tulach is known as the "enfant terrible" of NetBeans because...

he flames programmers who have typos on developer forums

he writes messy code and only he understands it

he has temper tantrums when someone breaks the build

he insists on tests to ensure API compatibility

Question 7

The NetBeans platform takes many of its concepts from which operating System?

Solaris Unix




Question 8

Which was the first GUI toolkit used by NetBeans?





The correct answers were: 1C, 2A, 3B, 4B, 5C, 6D, 7B, 8A.

October 2006 is NetBeans Birthday Month

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