NetBeans Community-Contributed Quiz

Following true Open-Source style, the questions for this quiz were contributed by NetBeans Community members. All submissions with the correct answers will be entered in a drawing for four NetBeans Field Guides (2nd edition). Only one submission per participant is accepted.

If you have sent us quiz questions and we used them, thank you for contributing! Some of the submitted quiz questions were very similar, so we will draw five contributors who will receive a NetBeans 5.5 T-shirt.

Question 1

Which version number did the first release of 'Netbeans Developer' have when it was released in 1999?


1.0 beta


none specified

Question 2

In the early days, the company stopped using the name "NetBeans" for a while, what was the IDE called then?

Forté for Java .

Eclipse for Java

Java Studio Creator

Java Developer

Question 3

When was the web page launched?

August 2001

June 2000

January 2000

January 2001

Question 4

Which big change was made in the project build process from NetBeans 3.6 to later versions?

It added Make support

It switched to Ant

It intergrated a Maven plugin called Mevenide

It used a proprietary build system that was discarded in 4.0

Question 5

Where was NetBeans born?

Silicon Valley (USA)


Czech Republic


Question 6

Where will the NetBeans world tour be in February 2007?

St. Petersburg, Russia

Shanghai, China

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hyderabad, India

Question 7

How do you quickly override implemented methods from an interface using the IDE?





Question 8

How do you open files in the IDE that are not part of a NetBeans project, such as .HTML or .TXT?

You can't, an IDE is only for source code

Use an Importer plugin to import them

Use the context-menu to add them to the Favorites Window

Use the Open menu to open them in the Files Window

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