NetBeans Community Quiz

How much do you know about the NetBeans Community? All submissions with the correct answers will be entered in a drawing for five new NetBeans 5.5 T-shirts. Only one submission per participant is accepted.

Question 1

Who started translatedfiles, the project to localize NetBeans?

Vincent Brabant and Maxym Mykhalchuk

Paulo Silveira and Kirill Grouchnikov

Hideyuki Sekiguchi and Vladimir Voskresensky

Evandro Augusto Munhoz Machado and Michal Bachorik

Question 2

Who are the community representatives in the new NetBeans Governance Board?

Iwan Eising and Frank-Michael Moser

David Strupl and Rich Unger

Chet Huntley and David Brinkley

Gregg Wonderly and Tim Cramer

Question 3

Which NB Community member is Romanian and is currently working on a mind mapping application using the NetBeans Visual Library?

Emilian Timit

Emilian Strong

Emilian Bold

Emilian Friendly

Question 4

Where can you read blogs about NetBeans and related musings (and sign up for RSS feeds)?

Question 5

Edgar Silva, the Community Member who created the code-generator framework GreenBox and founded BelJUG, is from what country?


Bosnia and Herzegovina



Question 6

Who wrote the NetBeans plugin for the popular Napkin Look & Feel?

Alex Lam

Alex Trebek

Andy Lamb

Rogerio Menegelli Gatto

Question 7

Antonio Vieiro just wrote a great document about getting started with the NetBeans platform called...?

Building on the NetBeans Platform

Perspectives on the NetBeans Platform

Landing on the NetBeans Platform

Cooking with NetBeans Platform

Question 8

How old was Collin Doering, possibly our youngest community member, when we interviewed him?





This quiz closed. Winners have been contacted.

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