Mylyn Usage Survey

To better understand how developers work with Mylyn, we would like to ask about your experience with Mylyn in this very short survey.

1. How do you use task lists? (multiple answers possible)
 I organize tasks in finetuned queries.
 I organize tasks in categories.
 I group tasks by scheduled dates.

2. How frequently do you use the private notes and the personal planning feature?

3. How frequently do you create local tasks?

4. Do you find notifications (e.g., overdue tasks, incoming tasks) useful?

5. Do you find the task focused user interface useful and, if yes, which 3 features in the list below do you find most useful?
 Being able to show/hide elements in navigator views.
 Automatic highlighting of context elements in navigator views.
 Automatic ordering of relevant context elements in, e.g., Open Type dialog.
 Attaching and retrieving a context.
 Managing context elements via the Context tab in the Task Editor.

6. What feature do you like most when working with Mylyn?

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