Search Tips

Searching Website Content

Use the Google search form to search normal website content. Syntax is very straight forward :

  • Case insensitive - search terms are not case-sensitive

  • Automatic "AND" queries - only pages including all of your search keywords will be returned

  • Automatic exclusion of common words - common words like "and" or "where" will be excluded from the search. To force a common word to be included, use "+" for example "+where"

  • Exact phrase - Use quotes to specify an exact phrase to search for, eg "XML parser"

Searching other content types on

You can limit the scope of your search by selecting either Entire domain or www module only in the drop down box inside the search form. The default scope is Entire domain. Type the word or phrase you wish to search for in the Search string field and click the Search button.

You can limit artifacts which will be searched. Eg you can only search for specific module, HTML content, Issues. It is possible to select more than one item (use Shift+right click). If you do not select any, all artifact will be searched.

You can also use quoted phrases, and the + / - signs to give the engine hints about what you're looking for. Some examples :

  • http javadoc : using multiple words in your search will search for messages matching ANY of your keywords. eg searching for http javadoc will find any mail messages including the word "http" AND/OR any messages containing the word "javadoc".

  • +http +javadoc : use "+" to indicate this word must be present in any hits. This search would return only documents that include BOTH the word "http" and the word "javadoc".

  • +http +javadoc -issue : use "-" to exclude certain words from your results. eg this search would return return only documents that include BOTH the word "http" and the word "javadoc", and NOT the word "issue".

  • "http javadoc" : use quotes to match exact phrases.

  • Do not use metachars - due to a bug in the search implementation, metacharacters (like *:()> etc) should not be included in your searches. See issue 13172 for more info.

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