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NetBeans IDE 8.1 provides out-of-the-box code analyzers and editors for working with the latest Java 8 technologies--Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8. The IDE also has a range of new tools for HTML5/JavaScript, in particular for Node.js, KnockoutJS, and AngularJS; enhancements that further improve its support for Maven and Java EE with PrimeFaces; and improvements to PHP and C/C++ support.

NetBeans IDE 8.1 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

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Use the following to get started with NetBeans IDE 8.1:

New Feature Highlights

Node.js Application Development

  • New Node.js project wizard
  • New Node.js Express wizard
  • Enhanced JavaScript Editor
  • New support for running Node.js applications
  • New support for debugging Node.js applications

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HTML5/JavaScript Enhancements

  • New support for Gulp
  • New support for Mocha and Selenium
  • New Jade Node Template Engine support
  • New Shadow DOM support via NetBeans Chrome plugin
  • Enhanced support for Grunt
  • Enhancements for AngularJS and KnockoutJS
  • Projects recognized via package.json, bower.json, composer.json

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Java Enhancements

  • Enhanced Code Completion("intellisense")
  • More expressive Navigator shows overridden & implemented methods
  • Enhanced ordering rules in Options window
  • Performance improvements for Java navigation tools:
    • "Go To Type" (Ctrl-O)
    • "Go To File" (Alt-Shift-O)
    • "Go To Symbol" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O)
  • "Find Usages" can include dependencies (details)

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Java EE Enhancements

  • Support for remote Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Community contributed support for WildFly 9 and WildFly 10

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PHP Enhancements

  • New support for Phing
  • Enhanced integration with Composer
  • Code coverage added to Nette Tester
  • New Symfony installer integration

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C/C++ Enhacements

  • New mixed C++/Java development support
  • Enhancements to New Project Wizard
  • SVN, Git and Mercurial support in Remote mode
  • C++ Editor enhancements
  • New audits, hints and refactorings
  • Reverse engineering (Call Graph) enhancements

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Profiler Redesign & Improvements

  • Redesigned user interface
  • New features:
    • Live forward and reverse call trees in CPU results
    • Live allocation trees in Memory results
    • Monitoring CPU utilization
    • Thread dumps from profiled application
  • Engine improvements:
    • Faster connection to profiled application
    • Limited outgoing calls from profiled methods
    • Memory profiling for selected classes
  • Simplified profiler setup
  • Improved integration into the IDE

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  • Enhancements to Git support
  • JRE bundled with the following NetBeans bundles:
    • HTML5/JavaScript
    • PHP
    • C/C++
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