NetBeans IDE 6.1 Information

The NetBeans IDE is a modular, standards-based, integrated development environment (IDE) written in the Java programming language. The NetBeans project consists of an open source IDE and an application platform, which can be used as a generic framework to build any kind of application.

Release Overview

The NetBeans IDE 6.1 release provides several new features and enhancements, such as rich JavaScript editing features, support for using the Spring web framework, tighter MySQL integration, and an improved way of sharing libraries among dependent projects. The acclaimed support for Ruby/JRuby has been enhanced with new editor quick fixes, a Ruby platform manager, fast debug support for JRuby, and many other new features and fixes.

By popular demand, the bean pattern and JSF CRUD generation features that were missing in the 6.0 release have returned. In addition, early versions of new modules, such as ClearCase support, are available as plugins.

This release also provides improved performance, especially faster startup (up to 40%), lower memory consumption and improved responsiveness while working with large projects. See below for a list of features in this release.

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Use the following documents to get started with NetBeans IDE 6.1.

Feature Highlights

  • JavaScript Support
    • Semantic Highlighting
    • Code Completion and Type Analysis
    • Quick Fixes and Semantic Checks
    • Refactoring
JavaScript Code Completion, Click to enlarge
  • Performance Enhancements
    • Up to 40% faster startup
    • Smarter parsing so that code completion is faster
    • Less memory consumption
Progress Bar
  • Spring Framework Support
    • Bundled Spring Framework 2.5 library
    • Wizards for XML configuration files and Spring Web MVC controllers
    • Code completion of bean names and Java classes and properties
    • Spring Web MVC framework support in web project
    • Learn More...
Spring Code Completion, Click to enlarge
  • New MySQL Support in Database Explorer
    • Register MySQL servers
    • View, create, and delete databases
    • Easy launch of the administration tool for MySQL
MySQL  Node, Click to enlarge
  • Java Beans Support
    • Bean Patterns in Navigator
    • Generate Bean Property
    • BeanInfo Editor
Java Bean Navigator
  • JSF CRUD Generator
    • Generate a JavaServer Faces CRUD application from entity classes
    • Supports all types of entity relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many).
    • Supports all types of primary keys (single-column, composite, and generated).
JSF , Click to enlarge
  • Ruby/JRuby Support
    • Editor enhancements, including new hints and fixes
    • Support for JRuby fast debugging
    • Platform Manager
    • Server and database integration improvements in Rails projects
Ruby editor, Click to enlarge
  • Javadoc Code Completion
    • Supports standard tags: @param, etc.
    • Code completion for parameters, exceptions, etc.
Javadoc, Click to enlarge
  • Support for Popular Web APIs
    • Create mashup applications easily
    • Drag and drop operations into a POJO, Servlet, JSP and RESTful web services and the NetBeans IDE generates all the code to access services
    • Supports web APIs such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and YouTube
Web APIs, Click to enlarge
  • RESTful Web Service Support
    • Build JSR311-compliant RESTful Web services using Jersey
    • Test your apps with the new REST Test Client
    • Use wizards to create REST services from JPA entity classes and generate JavaScript client stubs from WADL
REST Support, Click to enlarge
  • Sharing Projects (AKA Sharable Libraries)
    • Specify library dependencies using relative library paths (for default Java, Web, and all Java EE project types)
    • More easily share projects with other members of your team, for instance when using version control systems
    • Enable unattended builds for your projects
Shared Libraries, Click to enlarge
AXIS wizard, Click to enlarge
  • Java Mobility
    • Mpowerplayer MIDP emulator for MIDP applications on MacOS X (available from the plugin center)
    • SVG Composer for SVG Custom Components
    • Improved documentation and stability
mpowerPlayer for mac OS, Click to enlarge
  • Previews of Post-6.1 Features
    • Editor Support for PHP: Code completion, syntax highlighting, navigation, debugging, and much more
    • JavaScript debugger
    • JavaFX plugin

For more details, visit the NetBeans IDE 6.1 New & Noteworthy page.

PHP project, click to enlarge

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