4.0 Planning

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  • Nov/22 3 planning documents added
  • Nov/1 Plans for 4.0 versions are being recorded in Issuezilla. Check the overview.
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NetBeans 4.0 Modules

NetBeans 4.0
core :NetBeans core implementation
openide :NetBeans Open APIs
openidex :API extensions
autoupdate :Auto-update support
Extended Platform
installer :Installer module
welcome :Welcome screen ui sub-module
projects :Projects support infrastructure
IDE Platform
debuggercore :Generic Debugger support
nb-editor :Generic Text Editor support
Version Control
vcscore :VCS Core
javacvs :Built-in CVS
vcsgeneric :Generic VCS
ant :Ant Integration
makefile :Make support
filecopy :File Copy
remotefs :FTP FileSystem
text :TXT files editing support
diff :View file differences
image :GIF and JPEG files view
scripting :Scripting languages support
utilities :Utilities
logger :The TraceLogger
Java Support
Java Language
java :Java support
java-nb-editor :Java Text Editor
clazz :Class support
beans :JavaBeans support
javadoc :Javadoc support
Java Debugger impl.
debuggertools :Debugger for JDK 1.1
debuggerjpda :JPDA debugger
Java Tools
form :Form Editor
jarpackager :JAR Packager
properties :Properties files support
i18n :Internationalization support
objectbrowser :Object Browser
serialversion :Update serialization version UIDs
sysprops :Java VM system properties
usersguide :Online Java IDE Help
C++ Support
cpp :C,C++ and Fortran support
cpplite.CPPSupport :C/C++ lightweight support
Web technologies
css :CSS support
XML Support
xml.catalog :XML Catalog
xml.core :XML Core :TAX library
xml.text :XML Syntax coloring :XML Tools
xml.tree :XML tree editor
HTML Support
html :HTML Support
html-nb-editor :HTML Editor support
extbrowser :External Web Browser support
Web Applications Development support
applet :AWT and Swing applets support
httpserver :Internal HTTP Server
servletapi :Servlet API library
Enterprise Integration
db :Database Explorer
jndi :JNDI support
rmi :RMI technology support
corba :CORBA technology support
NetBeans development support
apisupport :Open APIs Support


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