4.0 Planning

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  • Nov/22 3 planning documents added
  • Nov/1 Plans for 4.0 versions are being recorded in Issuezilla. Check the overview.
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NetBeans 4.0 Milestones Defined

Developer Ready 1

  • Minimal functionality necessary for modules using both the Projects infrastructure and the Java Module, many/most modules can begin earlier
  • Java Module is the long pole in the schedule
  • Core: done except for bug fixing
  • Projects Infrastructure: infrastructure done, UI not complete
  • Editor: done
  • Dubugger: mostly done
  • VCS: done except JavaCVS UI
  • Form Editor: done

QA testing on projects branch as they do today

Developer Ready 2

  • 2nd release of Projects functionality
  • Bug fixes, more UI, more modulesM

Week of Testing

  • An normal test cycle
  • 1st attempt at Q-Build from Projects branch
  • Expected passing of QA testing
  • QA and Dev must work closely together during this week

Projects Ready

All modules completed with projects related work.

Merge to Trunk

To be announced.

Feature Freeze

To be announced.

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