Mobility Modules for NetBeans 2004Q1 - Features and Benefits

Integrated obfuscator and optimizer support

Prevents decompilation and reverse engineering of applications. Improves performance and reduces size of applications. Integrates obfuscation and optimization steps seamlessly into the compilation and preverification step during development.
Templates for creating MIDlets
and MIDlet suites

Decreases the time required to create MIDlet applications.

Rapidly create MIDlets and MIDlet suites

Code completion against the Java 2
Platform, Micro Edition J2ME packages

Increased developer productivity and reduction of introducing nonapplicable code that would lead to compilation errors.

Coding in the source editor will provide code completion assistance against the J2ME libraries.

Integrated compilation, preverification,
and execution of MIDlets and MIDlet suites

Offers RAD style development for increased developer productivity. Enables compilation and preverification all in one step, and then execution.

Compiles source code to binaries. Preverifies bytecode prior to deployment for MIDlets and MIDlet suites. Execution of the MIDlets is then enabled as a choice of the contextual menu.

Automatic generation of J2ME JAD
and JAR files

Automates typically error-prone steps. Creates J2ME Java Application Descriptors required for deployment of MIDlet suites. Also automatically packages suites into .JAR files.
Preintegrated default emulator, the J2ME Wireless Toolkit from Sun

The built-in emulator speeds development time.

Allows you to develop and test J2ME MIDP/CLDC compliant applications with an emulator. A built-in emulator based on the MIDP and CLDC reference implementations from Sun is included. This emulator has multiple device skins with different form factors.

Integrated source-level debugging
of MIDlets

Increased developer productivity and simplified debugging of MIDlet applications.

Allows you to debug MIDlet source code using the included debugger.

Emulator SDK Registry

Easily allows you to integrate Mobility Modules with the third-party device emulator of your choice.

Enables switching from the standard default J2ME wireless Toolkit (WTK) emulator to other device emulator SDKs, including third party emulators such as from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Sprint PCS, J-Phone.

Default compiler/preverifier on
a per project basis

Increases productivity by allowing you to develop multiple applications for a particular emulator without having to reconfigure the target compiler, preverifier and device skin on a project by project basis.

Ability to manage development for a particular type of device or emulator on a per project basis.

Unified Emulator Interface

Significantly enhances ability for device manufacturers and emulator providers to integrate SDKs with NetBeans 3.6 IDE.

Readily integratable with third-party emulator/SDKs through the Unified Emulator Interface.

J2ME Wireless Toolkit Project
Import Wizard
Enables importing pre-existing application MIDlets and suites from the J2ME Wireless Toolkit projects.
Integrated J2ME Wireless Toolkit
Includes most current J2ME Wireless Toolkit version 2.1 for MIDP 2.0 development.
MIDP 2.0 Push Registry Support
Facilitates the signing of MIDlet suites. Includes a API Permissions tool to set permissions on sensitive APIs in the MIDlet Suite.
XML file-based emulator
configuration / integration
Simplifies integration of device emulators and SDKs. Speeds mounting of emulators during IDE start-up.
Application Signing Utility
New MIDP 2.0 support feature. Application signing wizard facilitates signing of MIDlet suites in preparation for Over-the-air download testing.
Over-The-Air (OTA) Download Testing
Simulates the complete lifecycle of an application, starting from the Over-The-Air (OTA) Provisioning from a web site, installing and verifying, running, updating, and removing your application without involving an external web server.
Dual support for MIDP 2.0 and 1.0
Same environment can be configured for MIDP 1.0 or 2.0 development easily, reducing errors by setting the proper compilers and preverifiers, generating proper JAD/JAR formats.
JSR 185 Delivers Java Technology for Wireless Industry compliance checking.
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