NetBeans 3.5 Russian Edition Release Schedule

NetBeans 3.5 Russian Edition is based on code and English (original) resources of already released NetBeans 3.5, please see 3.5 planning for more info.

Please note, that this is not a normal NetBeans release, it doesn't add any features/bugfixes/etc, it's just NetBeans 3.5 prepackaged with Russian locale resources.

The proposed plan is (to be done, in process, accomplished):

  • 21st June - 25th June: Testing, Veryfing, Commits to errorneus bundles (in release35 branch of translatedfiles module).
  • 26th June: The build of NetBeans 3.5 RU RC
  • 27th June - 31th June: Testing RC
  • 1st July: Release

Everything went (almost) according to plans, so we planned to release 1st of July, and we did it on July, 2nd. Now NetBeans 3.5 RU is available for download.

Sincerely yours, Maxym Mykhalchuk

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