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  • Jan/02:  README.html, CHANGES.htmland CREDITS.html are available for NB3.4.1 RC1

  • Dec/25: Merak Release Candidate 1 , no serious bugs reported.
    The planning for Netbeans 3.4.1 "Merak" was updated.

  • Nov/5: The approximate planning for Netbeans 3.4.1 "Merak" is now available.   Check the table hereunder.

  • Nov/1:  Maxym Mykhalchuk accepted to be the Release Coordinator for NetBeans 3.4.1.
    Look at this thread.

  • Mar/8:  Plans for 3.4 versions are being recorded in Issuezilla. Check the overview.

    Release 3.4.x

    This page is related to the 3.4.x releases of NetBeans.

    The schedule is based on NetBeans's roadmap.

    NetBeans Release 3.4 Schedule
    Phase Date Information
    NB 3.4 Milestone 1 Mar/15 See status
    NB 3.4 Milestone 2 Apr/3 See status
    NB 3.4 Milestone 3 Apr/24 See status
    NB 3.4 Milestone 4 May/15 Feature Freeze, see status
    NB 3.4 Beta 1 Jun/5 See status
    NB 3.4 Beta 2 Jun/19 See status
    NB 3.4 Beta 3 Jul/10 See status
    NB 3.4 Enter High Resistance Jul/10 Only approved fixes allowed, see complete guidelines
    NB 3.4 Release Candidate 1 Jul/24
    NB 3.4 Release Candidate 2 Aug/15 Hopefully the last RC
    NB 3.4 Final Release Aug/26 The Release; final build Aug/23 AM GMT
    NetBeans 3.4.1 (codename "Merak") Schedule
    NB 3.4.1 Starting Nov/1 - Nov/10 organizational period: CVS tagging, talking to netbeans.org Release ingineers, Finding issues, etc
    NB 3.4.1 Collapse Data Nov/11 - Nov/30 finding the possible bugs/bugfixes, that are the must to go into Merak
    NB 3.4.1 Bug Fixing Nov/21 - Dec/7 fixing bugs, checking the bugfixes into the CVS
    NB 3.4.1 Beta 1 Dec/8
    NB 3.4.1 Collapse Feedback Dec/9 - ... QA, user feedback, etc.
    NB 3.4.1 RC1 Dec/17 The first Release Candidate.
    NB 3.4.1 RC2 Jan/03, 2003 The second Release Candidate.
    NB 3.4.1 Final Release Jan/20 2003 The most stable NetBeans release ever (build dated 19th January)


    Key Features and Goals. The main goals of NetBeans release 3.4.1 are:

    Release 3.4 Downloads -

    Unofficials ;-)

    The most buzz about NetBeans 3.4.1 "Merak" is that this release should not have happened, because Sun Microsystems officially stated, that since most efforts are now put into the ongoing 4.0 "Yogjakarta" release, it doesn't consider to release any maintenance updates to 3.4 (such as 3.3.1 or 3.3.2 in the past).

    However Sun Microsystems oficially proposed that if volunteer Release Coordinator comes along, it will give some amount of human time and the necessary machine resources to such release. I decided to become one, and now we are coming to what is to be a first-timer in netbeans.org world - volunteer NetBeans release - the Merak. Hopefully the most stable NetBeans release ever before.

    I'd like to thank everybody involved in bugfixing, commiting, feedback gathering and technical issues. These are mostly emloyed by Sun NetBeans developers, who cut off some their private time to invest into NetBeans even more than they are doing now coding the 4.0 release. However the outside-Sun people also helped much in preparing the Merak release, so I hope for a closer union between us and them, between all of us, NetBeans developers.

    Sincerely yours, Maxym Mykhalchuk

    This page was maintained by (release coordinator for NB3.4).

    Now this page is mantained by (volunteer NB3.4.1 webmaster) and (release coordinator for NB3.4.1).

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