What's New in the NetBeans IDE, Release 3.4

This document describes the new features implemented in the NetBeans IDE, Release 3.4. The list of the features is divided into several sections. Each section collects new features for related NetBeans modules. Most of the links in this document point to documents on the www.netbeans.org website.


Feature Name: Name of the feature. You can click the name to get a full description of the feature.   [Significance: Major   Normal   Minor]

Module: The name of the module where the feature was implemented. You can click the module name to go to the module's home page.

Issue Tracking: Links to the Issuezilla tracking system for more details, where appropriate.


  1. Open APIs
  2. NetBeans Core
  3. Java Development
  4. Debugger
  5. Text Editor
  6. Tools
  7. XML
  8. Web Development
  9. Version Control
  10. Distributed Applications Support
  11. Experimental Modules
  12. Miscellaneous Modules

Open APIs

New features for Open APIs
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Architectural enhancements in modules communicationOpen APIs#17773  
Avoid XML modulesOpen APIs Support  
Custom format for InstanceDataObjectOpen APIs#17924  
Solve problems with deserialization - different serialVersionUIDsOpen APIs#19483  
The complete full lists of new features: Open APIs, Open APIs Support

NetBeans Core

New features for NetBeans Core
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
.nbattrs uses \uXXXX and not XML encodingCore IDE#16757  
"New" wizard should hide read-only filesystems from youCore IDE#9698  
(Mostly Windows) Remove the UserDir dialogCore IDE#22085  
[DnD] ability expand a folder during drag&drop actionCore IDE#21600  
[DnD] change order of nodes in TreeView [DnD] change order of nodes in TreeViewCore IDE#12389  
[DnD] DnD support for Nodes in ExplorerCore IDE#20359  
[DnD] popup menus with actionsCore IDE#21599  
[DnD] use DnD gesturesCore IDE#21597  
[DnD] visual feedback/status ability of drop actionCore IDE#21109  
[DnD] visual feedback of dragged object and actionCore IDE#21598  
[DnD] visual feedback of place for drop (support for reorder by DnD)Core IDE#22049  
[MDI] Option to kill "free" desktop areaCore IDE#11010  
Ability to declare public classes of a moduleCore IDE#19621  
ability to hide workspace switcherCore IDE#8617  
Access to external entities referenced from XMLFileSsytemCore IDE#20170  
Add generic help support to property editorsCore IDE#19294  
add selection mode control to TreeViewCore IDE#11928  
Add Term.getText() to public APICore IDE#16214  
Allow DnD of window to the same container with different constraint.Core IDE#21452  
Allow dragging of tabbed TopComponents between ModesCore IDE#17435  
Architectural enhancements in modules communicationCore IDE#17773  
Close button on tabsCore IDE#15582  
CompilationEngine.getDefault()Core IDE#20539  
CookieSet.Factory API additionCore IDE#15373  
Cursor indication of possible drop of Dragging sourceCore IDE#21454  
Custom format for InstanceDataObjectCore IDE#17924  
Deprecate manifest node installationCore IDE#19609  
Eliminate Running workspaceCore IDE#21255  
ExecutionEngine.getDefault()Core IDE#20538  
Explorer should not allow rename file to empty stringCore IDE#19772  
Faster update of property sheet content.Core IDE#21603  
Filechoosers should offer appropriate defaultsCore IDE#21357  
FileSystem.refreshCore IDE#9477  
Firing events from FileSystems and RepositoriesCore IDE#20005  
How to start Drag operation of window when it the only one in container (tabs are missing).Core IDE#21456  
Implement "bridge" modulesCore IDE#17501  
Implement "windowed" major release version dependenciesCore IDE#19714  
Implement provides-requires semantics for module dependenciesCore IDE#18781  
Implement simple and clear way how to start with IDECore IDE#21354  
Improve Dependency Management SupportCore IDE#21553  
Installing updates without IDE restartAuto Update  
Make DnD of window from one container to another in branch [winsys_dnd_2002Feb]Core IDE#21451  
Make NetBeans work smoothly with multiple monitors (Xinerama mode)Core IDE#20882  
Make proper indication of drop operation in containerCore IDE#21455  
Merge ModeImpl.dockInto and ModeImpl.dockIntoNoSelect to avoid duplicate codeCore IDE#18410  
Merge the functionallity of openfile.bat into runide.{sh,exe}Core IDE#5790  
MFS perf. enhancement => review of current impl.Core IDE#20528  
More effective storage of XML layersCore IDE#20168  
Multiple selection improvementCore IDE#13537  
Need API to access FileUtil.transientAttributesCore IDE#13088  
node in Explorer describes itself in property sheetCore IDE#9940  
Notice in ide.log file which mode is IDE running inCore IDE#20026  
Option to not open output window after successful compilationCore IDE#19631  
Permit multiselects also for NbClassPathCustomEditorCore IDE#18579  
Platformize the core - Phase ICore IDE#23399  
Prototype of DnD of Windows in branch (winsys_dnd_2002Feb)Core IDE#21450  
Read only java files make all execution properties read only tooCore IDE#11334  
Reduce the number of threads created by the RequestProcessorCore IDE#19948  
Slow startup due to loading all editor documentsCore IDE#19038  
Solve problems with deserialization - different serialVersionUIDsCore IDE#19483  
Speed up and improve the popup menu interactionsCore IDE#20195  
Speed up DataObject.files ()Core IDE#16396  
Speed up explorer folder expansionCore IDE#21601  
Speed up the IDE shutdownCore IDE#21588  
Suggest in layers: <folder name="..." ordered="true">Core IDE#20358  
Suggest pluggable FileObject -> URL mappingCore IDE#18220  
templateWizardIterator file attribute inconvenient to automateCore IDE#8858  
The colors used for the Output Window should be configurableCore IDE#19956  
The IDE should pick up the proxy setting preset by the installerCore IDE#23207  
There is no support to programatically customize Dock View Into action.Core IDE#20153  
TreeTableView - bad default cell renderersCore IDE#21220  
TreeTableView - no way for user how to change set of visible columnsCore IDE#21219  
TreeTableView - no way for user how to sort columnsCore IDE#21218  
usability - inconvenient access to switching between windowsCore IDE#16174  
WindowManager.getDefault ()Core IDE#20942  
Writtable attributes for JarFileSystem (NPE thrown after change of 'Sort Mode' property for JarFilesystem)Core IDE#16467  
The complete full lists of new features: Core IDE, Auto Update, Projects

Java Development

New features for Java Development
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Accessibility supportForm Editor#21418  
Better error handling (form persistence)Form Editor#21414  
Better multi-selection in form designerForm Editor#21420  
Create and maintain JavaAPIJava Support#17205  
Have the IDE reorganize imports automaticallyJava Support#21413  
Hide Javadoc tab as defaultJavadoc#21356  
javac 1.4 compiler integrationJava Support#16216  
JDK 1.4 components in Component PaletteForm Editor#21417  
Marking of errors in the EditorJava Support#17578  
Patch permitting viewing of serialized structureClass Support#15827  
Performance of editing operationsForm Editor#21419  
Undo/redo supportForm Editor#21415  
The complete full lists of new features: Java Support, Class Support, JavaBeans, Javadoc, Form Editor


New features for Debugger
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Add support for Fix & ContinueDebugger#21437  
Improve runtime performance of debugger Trace ... actionsDebugger#21440  
Improve UI and usability of DebuggerDebugger#21438  
The complete full lists of new features: Debugger

Text Editor

New features for Text Editor
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Editor toolbarText Editor#21427  
Javadoc for code completionText Editor#21428  
Minor code completion featuresText Editor#21430  
Parser DB autoupdate and customizerText Editor#21429  
The complete full lists of new features: Text Editor


New features for Tools
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Openfile should check for -Dnetbeans.openfile= during startupUtilities#23341  
Put Ant documentation on Auto UpdateAnt Integration  
Syntax coloringAnt Integration  
The complete full lists of new features: Ant Integration, I18N, Image Files, JAR Packager, Properties Files, Scripting, Text Files, Utilities


New features for XML
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Add a setting for default actionXML Project#19992  
Auto-expand nodes during XML editor openingXML Project#24072  
CDATA section coloringXML Project  
Code completion of "</" should directly insert the end tagXML Project#22291  
Define shortcuts for common XML actionsXML Project#21239  
Mount Javadoc for JAXP, SAX and DOMXML Project#16856  
Mount SAX, DOM and JAXP libraries and completion dbsXML Project#16962  
XML entities editingXML Project  
XML module distributionXML Project  
XML Schema supportXML Project#15175  
XML template wizardXML Project  
XML tools APIXML Project  
XSL Transformation actionXML Project#19439  
The complete full lists of new features: XML Project

Web Development

New features for Web Development
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
HTTP MonitorJSPs & Web Applications  
Integration with Tomcat 4JSPs & Web Applications  
Source-level JSP debuggingJSPs & Web Applications  
Support for Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2JSPs & Web Applications  
Tag Library EditorJSPs & Web Applications  
The complete full lists of new features: Applets, External Web Browser, Internal HTTP Server, JSPs & Web Applications

Version Control

New features for Version Control
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Improve support for PVCS and VSS profilesGeneric VCS#21393  
Mount wizard improvements in profiles tabGeneric VCS#21338  
Mount wizards improvementsVCS Core#21336  
The complete full lists of new features: VCS Core, Built-in CVS, Generic VCS

Distributed Applications Support

New features for Distributed Applications Support
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
The complete full lists of new features: RMI

Experimental Modules

New features for Experimental Modules
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
The complete full lists of new features: C++ Support

Miscellaneous Modules

New features for Miscellaneous Modules
Feature NameModuleIssue Tracking
Move tips of the dayGeneral Online Help#19623  
Provide the SIM core to the IDESupport Interface Module#21942  
The complete full lists of new features: Support Interface Module, General Online Help
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