NB 3.3.2 Fixes

The following list includes issues in NB 3.3.1 that are to be fixed in the next planned bugfix release 3.3.2.

ID PriComponentSummary
21104 P2antAnt scripts occasionally not recognized when XML modules ins
21131 P3antAnt help ids needed
21145 P3antAnt manual needs A11Y edits
20608 P2apisupportWrong manifest entry for data loaders
20949 P2autoupdateUpdate center wizard can be invoked more than once
21607 P2autoupdateUnable to force an NBM to install in {netbeans.home}
21818 P2autoupdateImport projects from ffj30 throws exception on Forte for Jav
22114 P2autoupdaterelativeClassPath doesn't work on Solaris
22317 P2autoupdateI18N - the label "Global?" is hard-coded
20446 P3autoupdateUpdate Center Wizard has no help
20632 P3autoupdateVerification doesn't work when the module is repeatedly down
21624 P3autoupdateBranding of Updater splash is not possible completely
22070 P3autoupdateUpdater does not clean up directories under 'main'
20859 P3clazzI18N - label in module's listing not from bundle file
21983 P2corbaImporting projects works incorrectly
19717 P1coreNoClassDefFound exception when xml module is disabled
20907 P1coreJARFILESYSTEM: when two .jars with the same name are mounted
21433 P1coreCorrupted first start of IDE (when start and switch to MDI)
22455 P1coreThe Help system may not work on Solaris 9
22612 P1coreHelp sets sometimes not loaded if helpsetref .xml files chec
23297 P1coreOpenVMS launcher needs changes for 3.3.2
19635 P2coreDeadlock in Window system
20570 P2coreNbPresenter does not make large messages scrollable
21037 P2coreSplash running text problem
21730 P2coredeadlock in Term and Swing
21774 P2coreoccasional deadlocks when executing an appclient
21847 P2coreAdding a loader for module is far from scallable.
21913 P2coredeadlock loadSection x updateTitle
21921 P2coreDeadlock in win sys, trying to update mode bounds outside AW
21946 P2coreDeadlock in winsys while trying to reorder TopComponents out
21015 P2coreTabs in output window are not switched to show output from e
20457 P2coreExcessive Error Messages
22482 P2coreI18N - I18N for messages with mnemonic is not correct
19688 P2coreBe more robust while closing windows
18455 P2coreIOExeption thrown if nb user dir is imported
19570 P2coreI18N - The characters of the error message are overlaped.
22257 P2coreExplorer window disappears when trying to select new templat
22115 P2coreInterrupted Exception when re-executing a WebApp on Internal
23140 P2coreRemove warning in runide.sh when Solaris JH pkging workaroun
23729 P2coreMDI: desktop lost windows
20751 P2coreIDE should refuse System.exit unless called from NbTopManage
19625 P3coreI18N - The title of source editor does not come from Bundle.
19686 P3coreCannot shrink Output Window
19966 P3coreI18N - toolbar tooltips not localized
21084 P3coreunclear prompt for userdir
21282 P3coreI18N-Keyboard shortcut messages does not come from bundle fi
21731 P3coreShift-F10 on the Build Output Window brings up the "invisibl
15333 P3coreCursor isn't on end of text after using CTRL+C [V, ...]
23632 P1debuggerAttach item disabled after debugger is loaded/launched
19109 P2debuggerthe jspCompoundBreakpoint is not delete
20874 P2debuggerRacecondition - results in two debugger windows!
21248 P2debuggerJSP/servlet breakpoint does not stop debugger
21374 P2debugger"Debug project" button does not re-enables
20989 P2debuggernew debugger type doesn't work
22312 P2debuggerFilesystems tab comes up on top
22681 P2debuggerWhen window has multiple help map IDs, only core help id wor
19042 P3debugger"go to cursor" creates unhidden servlet breakpoint
20155 P2editorDeadlock while editing.
20198 P3editorerror in java identation engine
20256 P3editor[completion] Even method parameter is not parsed.
21295 P3editorLabel in Add keybinding dialog is appended by QQQ
21325 P2filecopyActions to create new File Copy executors are missing.
21832 P1formjava code generation for checkboxes,labels and radiobuttons
19839 P2formNPE when closing NB after working with form
21766 P2formCustom property editors are not initialized properly.
20493 P2formClassCastException while opening "Border" in Formeditor
21140 P3i18nI18N help ids needed
21565 P3i18nwizards display wrong bundles
20387 P1jarpackagerJAR PACKAGER: target not supported in readers
22058 P2jarpackagerneed unique help IDs for JP wizard panes 3-5
21332 P2jarpackagerUnwanted files are added to jar
19000 P3jarpackagerYou may not call getNodeDelegate on Invalid DO.
20265 P3jarpackager<default recipe name> isn't selected after opening wizard
20328 P3jarpackagerExecute recipe (or jar) with spc in pathname throws exceptio
20858 P3jarpackagerI18N - label in module's listing not from bundle file
21103 P3jarpackagerwarpackager:error when view war content with some web module
21202 P3jarpackagerneed help IDs for subnodes of JarRecipe node
21210 P3jarpackagerNPE expanding "JAR Recipe" template
21586 P3jarpackagerNon-scalable and inconvenient way to listen on the validity
20791 P3jarpackagerNPE when JAR location is relative path name
22438 P3jarpackagerPasting the generated jar file into another location fires e
21887 P2javaFastjavac not compliant with 1.4
20551 P2javaDeadlock
22266 P2javaIncorrect PROP_NAME PropertyChangeEvent fired
19469 P2javaDeadlock in java parser
21148 P1javacvsCVS Checkout UI is blank
19952 P2javacvsdiff does not show differencies correctly
21301 P2javacvsImport Project from NetBeans 3.2 doesn't transfer JavaCVC FS
21200 P2jndiJNDI nodes on Runtime tab need help IDs
22082 P3jndiLDAP provider does not work correctly.
16188 P1openideExplorer context menu invoked via Shift+F10 does not work wi
20029 P1openidegetCustomEditor() called twice
22645 P1openideregression where PropertyChangeEvent(PROP_PRIMARY_FILE ) is
19891 P2openideDeadlock (in jar filesystem?)
20439 P2openideVery slow <enter> in editor
20699 P2openidesetValid on data object does not cause proper refresh of dis
20753 P2openideClassElement.forName uses currentClassLoader
21144 P2openideSome obscure Web module (filesystem) is still mounted after
21322 P2openidemulitple blank lines between wizard steps in contentPane
21831 P2openideMultiDataObject is not thread safe
21866 P2openidePropertyDialogManager Cancel button should not verify last s
22258 P2openideDataObject.rename causes property sheet to disappear
21677 P2openideChanging ClassElement name does not update its source node's
22450 P2openidePre-init code from component inspector aligned to 1 line
21674 P2openideTwo not consistent indentation engines lists
20647 P2openidemore control about NetBeans Source Editor window is needed
20872 P3openideRegression in error handling for property editors
21196 P3openideRuntime node and Options node need unique help IDs
21842 P3openideremove the default help for BeanNode in Options window
21854 P3openidebetter helpID for module categories in Options
20794 P3openideneed help button in property sheet to resolve help ID confus
21962 P3openidexhelp for plug-in tabs doesn't seem to work
21267 P1projectsnew JSP page causes memory to continually increase and cause
20966 P2projectsSettings declared as Default in Tools|Options are stored in
20490 P3projectsMemory leak and CPU spike adding jars to project
20588 P3projectsNon-executable and non-debuggable objects can be set as Proj
19330 P4projectsI18N - mnemonic key doesn't work with translated.
19842 P2propertiesNPE on startup and impossible to shutdown if development dir
19949 P3propertiesDelete file (outside of IDE) that is open in editor causes n
21880 P2rmiPerformance of ModuleInstall is very bad.
21198 P2rmineed helpIDs for RMI nodes on Runtime tab
20775 P2vcscoreUsing internal compiler plus VCS groups causes problems
21130 P3vcscoreVCS help IDs needed
22365 P1vcsgenericA VCS profile will be removed even when the remove OK-Cancel
20261 P2vcsgenericcvs environment dialog
20475 P2vcsgenericError praparing cvs module path for checkout
21193 P3xmlXML needs help IDs
127 issues found.

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