Release 3.3 - More news

This page contains news archive for NetBeans 3.3.x Releases. For recent news look at NetBeans Release 3.3.x main page.

The recent news are available here.
Dec/12 The NetBeans Version 3.3 Final is released.
Jan/4 The first Q-build of NetBeans 3.3.1 has been released.
Dec/5 The NetBeans 3.3 Release Candidate 1 is available. Look at the list of fixed bugs.
Dec/3 The release330's High Resistance report is available.
Nov/30 The Release Candidate 1 is expected next week. Read more.
Nov/28 The Netbeans 3.3 Beta 6 has been released.
Nov/28 The description of High Resistance process was sent out by Evan.
Nov/23 Branches release33 and release330 were created.
Nov/21 The Netbeans 3.3 Beta 5 has been released.
Nov/21 The schedule proposal for Netbeans 3.3 and 3.3.1 releases updated.
Nov/12 The Netbeans 3.3 Beta 4 has been released.
Nov/2 Today's Good News: Beta 3 has been released; Only 679 open bugs; Over 2500 downloads of Beta 1 within one week!
Oct/30 The NetBeans 3.3 Beta 2 has been released.
Oct/26 We have 744 open bugs. This week of stabilization was the best ever (355 resolved bugs in one week!)
Oct/23 The NetBeans 3.3 Beta 1 has been released.
Oct/19 The branch for the first beta of NB 3.3 was created today.
Oct/12 Beta is coming soon. We are very close to beta criteria.
Sep/24 We still didn't meet quality criteria for beta 1 release. It is supposed beta 1 could be ready in the beginning of October.
Sep/21 1001 opened bugs (NB 3.3 final release quality is less than 400!)
Sep/21 User Interface Freeze
Sep/8 New criteria for Beta and RC and Final Release were proposed. It means we don't have exact schedule for these releases anymore. Beta 1-5, RC and Final release will be published when the quality will reach this criteria.
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