Release 3.3 High Resistance

The following bugfixes were approved and integrated into release330 branch. They will appear in NetBeans 3.3 Release. For more information about the High Resistance process, please read this e-mail.

You can also use these two direct queries to Issuezilla:

Approved & Fixed Bugs - Before NetBeans 3.3 Final Release

Dec/05 - Dec/12

18340P2openideRenaming [Up-to-date] file doesn't show original file up as
18406P2autoupdateAU misbehaves on startup when multiple centers are selected
17186P2openideIOException: There are no more files
18329P2uitext in import wizard is terribly confusing (Reopened)
18368P2openidePatch for OpenVMS .nbattrs/java~ conversion
17995P2coreMode created by user persist even if not necessary - Single Frame
18365P2coreModes are propagated among projects - number of modes still rises !
18466P2coreIncorrect behaviour of user modes when switching projects
18506P1formDeadlock after switch to project with 2 opened forms

Approved & Fixed Bugs - Before NetBeans 3.3 Release Candidate 1


18182P2openideRecursive folder creation
18316P2vcsgenericGeneric VCS filesystem capabilities are not persistent accro
18213P2editorChanged default keybindings are not persistent
18245P2openideProperty sheets are switched unreasonably
18227P2openideAccess permission error when customizing a bean
18288P2openideScrollbar moved incorrectly in the TreeView
18251P2coreProblem switching to form editor after commit
18293P1propertiesdeleting a file that you have selected text in causes gui to
18269P1propertiesWork with the properties table causes data loss
18335P2propertiesDeadlock after deleting property file opened for editing
18043P2debugger"Second Debugger Window" Exception after switching of projec
18329P2uitext in import wizard is terribly confusing


18228P2openideNPE in CloneableEditor
18067P3javacvsSeveral NPEs are sometimes thrown when unmounting filesystem
14724P2openideCompilation using fastjavac ocassionally throws
18278P3formComponent palette is init'ed too early
18087P2coreMDI mode is very soon broken (in 1.4)
18278P3formComponent palette is init'ed too early
18235P2formWrong code is sharing BoxLayout

Nov/28 - Dec/02

17899P1coreSAXParseException after import settings from NB3.1(3.2.1, 3.
18103P1coreAll automated tests failing in 11/26 build
18033P1openideAdd to project fires DataObjectNotFoundException
18202P2vcseerror occurred with local connection method.
18017P2openideNPE when copying CustomizeBean action to menu || toolbar
17506P2openideCut and Paste does not work in Java Source Editor
18023P2openideOverall validation suite failed due to IndexOutOfBoundsExcep
18041P3vcsgenericPVCS: Empty repository causes unability to refresh file stat
18090P3debuggerException occured in beta 5 (not in beta4) during saving
14453P4openidejava.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException after multiple delete
18002P1debuggerNullPointerException when finishing debugger or removing bre
18188P3usersguideTips of the day need updating
17645P2vcscoreOutput from Generic VCS command line commands is lost on Ope
18053P1coreTerminate externally executed procsess causes JVM freeze [JD
18154P2coreFrames are minimized after switching between workspaces
18168P2autoupdateThe Updater misbehaves on the IDE shutdown if AutoUpdate wiz
18088P3projectsProject tab disappears when a project is deleted

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