NetBeans 3.3 - Planned Features

Any features planned for other NetBeans releases are available here.


  1. OpenIDE
  2. The Core IDE
  3. Java Development
  4. Debugger
  5. Text Editor
  6. Tools
  7. XML
  8. Web Development
  9. Version Control
  10. Distributed Applications Support
  11. User Interface
  12. Experimental modules
  13. Other uncategorized features


Planned new features for OpenIDE
OpenAPI Support Done XML layer editing Editing of XML layers.  
Complete lists of new features: OpenIDE, OpenAPI Support,

The Core IDE

Planned new features for The Core IDE
Core IDE Done New Output WindowReplace old Output Window with terminal emulator 
Core IDE Done Add right-click popup menu on MDI frames MDI frames will have popup menu, filled with commands for close, iconify, maximize, attach/detach from MDI.  
Autoupdate Done Updating from more AU servers at once It should be possible update modules from more than one AU server at once. Now there can be more than one AU server defined in the IDE (AutoUpdate types), but only one is active. User should set more active (enabled) AU servers to download modules from.  
Complete lists of new features: Core IDE, Autoupdate, Projects,

Java Development

Planned new features for Java Development
javac 1.4 compiler integration Current internal compiler-parser based on javac 1.3 does not support JDK 1.4 Java language extension ("assert" keyword) and new classfile version. Proposed solution for version 3.3 is to use javac 1.4 as a base. In longer term the solution will be NetBeans' own parser combined with more open javac implementation providing API according JSR which should be invoked.  
Form Editor Done Form based on any class It should be possible to base the form on any class, including non-visual. This requires changing the form-type specification and extending ways of form creation (e.g. also without a template). Form type conversion could be implemented too (makes sense for changes like from JDialog to JPanel, etc).  
Form Editor Done Windows reorganization The Component Palette will be moved out of the main IDE window, should be floating and dockable (by default in a window together with individual forms grouped in a tabbed pane). The GUI Editing workspace is then no longer needed. Form Editor should support docking of its parts into various windows, according to user's wish. So the user could e.g. dock everything (Component Palette, Component Inspector, and forms) into one Form Editor Window, or conversely let the components stand separately. This arrangement would be respected when opening new forms.  
Form Editor Done Improved Component Palette Component Palette needs to be redesigned. First -- it should not be in main window toolbar, but in Form Editor's window (displayed only if some form is opened). Second -- the current JTabbedPane implementation cannot handle more palette categories (tabs) satisfactorily.  
Object Browser40%New Object Browser New Object Browser  
Complete lists of new features: Java support, Class support, Java Beans, Javadoc, Form Editor, Object Browser,


Planned new features for Debugger
Debugger Done Filtering of variables hierarchy The current version of NetBeans Debugger shows all static / private / ... fields for variables in Watches & Variables tabs. It is useful when you want to find some details of implementation, but it can be uncomfortable for many other purposes. For example if I am inspecting an instance of java.util.Vector, I probably want to see its content not its serialVersionUID, capacityIncrement etc. So we plan to add some variable filtering capability to NetBeans Debugger.  
Debugger Done Improvements of expression parser Currently we use JPDA experimental implementation of expression parser. But it is buggy and unsupported, so we are working on our own implementation.  
Debugger Done Redesign of Debugger Window We plan to improve UI of debugger - Debugger Window. See User's view.  
Debugger Done Breakpoint Grouping It is a good idea to logically organize breakpoints in the case of large projects. Grouped in a group, they can be enabled, disabled, or removed as a single unit. A group can be visually implemented by a node in the Debugger Window, tab Breakpoints. Descendant nodes should represent all breakpoints (eventually sub-groups) belonging to the group.  
Debugger Done Debugger glyph  
Complete lists of new features: Debugger,

Text Editor

Planned new features for Text Editor
Text editor Done Annotations (aka Glyphs) Annotations is a method to highlight a part of text of the document. The text is highlighted either by special background color or by putting an icon on the gutter or both.  
Complete lists of new features: Text editor,


Planned new features for Tools
JAR Packager Done UI Improvements Make the Jar Packager UI more intuitive and easier to use. In particular, make each entry in the jar recipe an explorer node.  
Ant tool Done Upgrade to Ant 1.4.1 Upgrade the bundled Ant library to 1.4.1.  
Complete lists of new features: Ant tool, i18n, Image Files Support, JAR Packager, Properties files, Scripting, Text files, Utilities,


Planned new features for XML
Text Context Sensitive Completition We need text editor code completion.  
Complete lists of new features: XML Project,

Web Development

Planned new features for Web Development
JSP support Done The server integration framework as implemented for the Forte for Java, release 3.0 (Pilsen) will be moved to NetBeans builds The Server Registry and corresponding APIs which allow integration of multiple servers.  
JSP support Done Improved support for servlets In NetBeans 3.3, it is possible to execute and debug servlets.  
Complete lists of new features: Applet support, External Web Browser, Internal Http server, IceBrowser, JSP support,

Version Control

Planned new features for Version Control
VCS Core Done Versioning Explorer Make a specialized file-based browser for VCS operations. This would probably be an extension of Revision Explorer.  
VCS Core Done Cache Enhancement Enhance the cache architecture to provide correct status information during refresh.  
Built-in CVS Done Global Options Global options integration under Versioning settings.  
Built-in CVS Done Customizer New Customizer for the filesystem. Only one panel.  
Built-in CVS Done Commands Support new cvs commands  
Built-in CVS Done Toolbar Toolbar for commands' actions.  
Generic VCS Done Customizer Enhancements Enhance the generic VCS customizer - Cut/Copy/Paste of commands, a new Environment tab.  
Generic VCS Done Add support for CVS Add the CVS profiles to the standard NetBeans distribution.  
Generic VCS Done Improve support for CVS Add new commands and profiles to CVS support.  
Complete lists of new features: VCS Core, Built-in CVS, Generic VCS,

Distributed Applications Support

Planned new features for Distributed Applications Support
RMI Done Wizard improvements The wizard should be attached to the templates to provide additional actions. It may or may not replace group files.  
RMI Done Template improvements There should be only one set of templates.  
Complete lists of new features: Jini, JNDI, RMI,

User Interface

Planned new features for User Interface
Freestyle Browser (new Explorer) The Freestyle Browser brings new flexibility to the Explorer. It will need UI work, and will have an impact on UI issues elsewhere in the IDE.  
IDE Accessibility NetBeans must be made accessible for people with a variety of disabilities. NetBeans will pass accessibility tests!  
Complete lists of new features: User Interface,

Experimental modules

Planned new features for Experimental modules
Complete lists of new features: C++ Support,

Other uncategorized features

Planned new features for Other uncategorized features
Complete lists of new features: General Online Help,
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