NetBeans 3.3 Editions & Modules

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1. Editions

   Do you like our current distribution or would you prefer to have more editions?
   Please check the editions which could be useful:

Empty Edition - contains only OpenIDE, Core and Autoupdate module. This edition is suitable for developers using NetBeans as a Tools Platform


     Standard Edition - contains most important modules for Java development - something like current NetBeans build.


     NetBeans Developer Edition - similar to Standard Edition, but preconfigured for developers of NetBeans modules.


     Full Edition - contains all stable modules available on NetBeans website.
  • Should modules which are not in Standard Edition be enabled or disabled


    2. Modules

    There are some modules, which became stable and are not in distribution. On the other side, some modules could be removed from NetBeans distribution and become only available on Autoupdate server. Please vote:

    Module Name Description Current Status
    Standard Edition
    Autoupdate Only (and "Full Edition" if it will be accepted)
    Development-time support for the Open APIs. Using this module you can develop extensions to the NetBeans IDE within itself. Includes a complete copy of the API documentation for offline browsing and Javadoc index searching. Has templates for many differents parts of the APIs, code completion, facilities for testing modules and individual objects, and more.
    Stable with NB3.2, available at Autoupdate. It could make startup longer. Big module (~3MB)

    cpplite Lightweight support for development C/C++ applications. Stable with NB3.2, available at Autoupdate

    innertesters Support for unit-testing classes using static inner test classes. Stable with NB3.2, available at Autoupdate

    jasm View/edit bytecode. Beta, works with NB3.2

    junit Support for unit and integration testing with the JUnit framework. Beta, available at Autoupdate

    logger Trace logger that allows logging of messages to multiple output streams, and a UI for changing logger flags. Beta, available at Autoupdate

    objectbrowser Object Browser presents an alternate view of Java classes (as compared to the Explorer, which comes as part of the IDE's core) The Object Browser is a three-pane window, with different panes for packages, classes, and members, each of which can be filtered. Currently part of build. There was already discussion about removing this module from build (see nbdev archive)

    serialversion A wizard to scan source code for serial version UIDs and prompt to fill them in where they are missing. Also helps manage serialization-related Javadoc fields. Beta, available at Autoupdate

    sysprops Displays system properties set in the Java VM, and lets them be modified as well. Stable with NB3.2, available at Autoupdate

    workspaceswitcher Graphically represents workspaces and the windows on them as a double-height toolbar presenter, and allows windows to be dragged between workspaces.
    Nearly stable with NB3.2

    This module adds basic support for C, C++ and Fortran development: syntax highlighting, indentation engines, recognition of source files, derived files (.o etc.) and executable files. Makefiles are also supported, and native binaries can be executed. Some basic templates are also provided. For more information and download see Tor Norbye's e-mail to nbdev. Just contributed to NetBeans OpenSource (Aug/17)

    external editor support (Vim, XEmacs)
    This module lets you use an external editor with NetBeans, in particular, Vim and XEmacs. For more information and download see Tor Norbye's e-mail to nbdev. Just contributed to NetBeans OpenSource (Aug/17)

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