Bugs fixed in release32

... but maybe not in dev. If you check any of these bugs, please send an e-mail to or to . thanks.
11171 java #11171: Manually registering DTD locally, bypassing .xml layer.
11515 vcscore Fix of bug 11515. The disabling of cvs method in case when the javacvs or cmd line cvs is disabled.
11516 vcscore Fix of issue #11516. The race condition in RelativeMountPanel.
11217 vcscore setupRuntime() method added to setup the runtime node of the filesystem. A partial fix of issue #11217.
11248 vcscore Fix of P2 bug no 11248
9717 vcscore Deserialization from 3.1 release should also deserialize the old commands definitions. UserQuestionException gets an extra annotation for other usage, than EditorSupport (i.e. Delete). Fix of issue #9717 & #11249.
11209 vcscvs Test of valid login has to be done in a new Thread due to collision with AWT and RequestProcessor in LoginDialog if this test is executed in RequestProcessor. This is a fix of issue #11209.
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