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New Release of Grid Compute Server Plugin for NetBeans IDE Now Available

By: Admin, 03 Oct 2006

The Grid Compute Server Plugin for NetBeans IDE is intended to help Java developers use the Sun Grid Compute Utility for the distributed execution of parallel computations. The new 0.6 early access release introduces APIs for the creation of standalone applications, support for more efficient use of grid resources, and enhanced debugging aids. Using the new standalone application APIs, developers can create applications for end users, to be run outside of the NetBeans IDE, that (produce and) package Compute Server application input for uploading to the grid, and/or process compute server job output that has been downloaded from the grid. Developers can also now limit the CPU-hours, and therefore money spent, executing a Compute Server job on the grid by specifying a new "Max CPU hours" threshold for job termination.

Dynamic infrastructure scaling has also been implemented; this automatic scaling capability helps a running Compute Server application dynamically attain and maintain its most efficient processing scale, where at the number of workers provisioned is enough to manage the work being generated, and where at the job will complete both as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Support for debugging has been enhanced in this release with significant improvements to the log viewer.

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