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NetBeans Events in Shanghai

By: Admin, 26 Sep 2006

Two Developer Events in Shanghai: NetBeans Day and University World Tour

by Qing-Ye "John" Jiang

NetBeans Day Shanghai

On the afternoon of 09.22, 208 developers joined us at the NetBeans Day in Shanghai. Bob Brewin, Sun Microsytems Software CTO, kicked started the event, then Brian Leonard, NetBeans Evangelist, delivered the opening with "On the Move with NetBeans", followed by other technical sessions. To avoid language problems we are projecting both the English and Chinese slides to the audience, one on the front left side and the other on the front right side. The audience were very active in interacting with the speaker, and most of them asked questions in English. So we assumed that a least a large number of them understood the sessions that were given by English speaking speakers.

All attendees received a copy of the localized NetBeans World Tour CD, and a NetBeans World Tour T-Shirt for returning the surveys. This was really a successful event.

University World Tour at Shanghai Jiaotong University

I am feeling really good when writing this report -- 537 students from various institutes in Shanghai joined us at the University World Tour at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

It was Saturday afternoon. The venue was one-hour ride from the city. All these could not prevent people from rushing to see us. The venue had only 250 seats, so more than half of our audience were sitting on the floor, or standing around.

All the students received a copy of the localized version of NetBeans World Tour CD, a T-Shirt, and instruction to student SCJP discount and Java Cup code competition. 1/5 of them also received various gifts such as Solaris books, NetBeans books, dukes, cups for their participation during the event. One iPod lucky draw was announced at the end of the event.

Below was the agenda for this event:

  1. Bob Brewin, The Evolving Web
  2. Angela Caicedo, Bleeding Edge Demo
  3. Michael Li, Java Demo
  4. Angela Caicedo, NetBeans Demo
  5. Patrick Gu, Solaris / JDS Demo
  6. Michael Li and John Jiang, Java Puzzle
  7. John Jiang, Go for SCJP

I truly believe that the audience were having fun with us throughout the 3-hour event. Thanks to the encouraging keynote by Bob Brewin, and all the eye-catching and WOW-catching content delivered by Angela Caicedo, Michael Li, Patrick Gu, and John Jiang (yes I do talks too).

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who helped a lot to make this event an amazing success.


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