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Looking for NetBeans in Your Language?

By: Admin, 22 Aug 2006

NetBeans 5.0 Multilingual Releases
NetBeans 5.0 is now available in two more languages: Russian and Korean! That adds to the current offering of NB 5.0 in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Visit the 5.0 download page to find these new languages.

The Russian version was solely contributed by Maxym Mykhalchuk, one of the founders of the NetBeans Translation Project.

NetBeans 5.5 Multilingual Releases for Beta 2
For the very first time, NetBeans has made available a beta release in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Download them and give feedback to the localization team! Choose one of these languages from the dropdown list.

For more detailed release information in Japanese and Simplified Chinese, see the below pages:

The NetBeans 5.5 Beta 2 Tutorials, Guides, and Articles can be found at these links: Japanese, Chinese.

Visit the translated files project home page and become a contributor by joining one of the existing language teams or creating a new one! Rather work on web pages? Continue here and see the various translation opportunities.

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