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Matisse Update Pack for NetBeans 5.0

By: Admin, 15 Jun 2006

NetBeans 5.0 users may now enjoy new features of Matisse GUI Builder. They are available on NetBeans 5.0 Beta Update Center as Matisse Update Pack for NetBeans 5.0. The following features are covered in this update:

  • Automatic Internationalization - allows replacement of hardcoded strings and moves them to resource bundle automaticlly.
  • Visual Localization - provided in design mode only. You can preview forms in different locale.
  • Preview with Look and Feel - provided in design mode only. Allows the designed GUI preview of forms in various look and feels.
  • Relative Font Definition - you can define font size relatively to default font.
  • Context Sensitive Help Bar - provides Matisse context help.
  • Reorganized Palette - palete is divided more logicaly to Containers, Controls, Menus...
  • Dragging Components from Projects Explorer - allows easier composing of forms.
  • Support for Java 6 Layout - provides support for automatic usage of Matisse layout from Java 6.
A complete list and specification of Matisse Update Pack features and bugfixes can be found here.

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