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SavaJe and NetBeans Mobility Pack Team Up to Provide Developer Tools

By: Admin, 24 May 2006

It's safe to say that no single device at JavaOne 2006 captured attendees' attention as vividly as the "Device of Show," the Jasper S20 mobile phone running on the SavaJe Mobile Platform. Speakers at NetBeans day and two general sessions demonstrated the cutting edge device and OS, which supports both CDC and MIDP/CLDC development and is the first to implement JSR-209, the Advanced Graphics User Interface. The SavaJe platform also supports Mobile Information Device 2.0 (MIDP2.0) and JTWI (JSR-185) for full compatibility with existing J2ME applications. The demonstrations at JavaOne showed the device's advanced capabilities as well as its ability to run multiple threads, as it showed four applications running concurrently on the SavaJe device. Each application highlighted a different mobility technology: audio, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, and a MIDlet.

Developers who bought the advance version of the device also received a CD with NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC, the first Integrated Device Environment (IDE) to support development for the SavaJe Mobile Platform. The NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC can also be downloaded from the NetBeans Web site.

"SavaJe device support for JSR-209 and CDC gives developers a great opportunity to explore the new possibilities in mobility," said Matt Volpi, Product Line Manager for Mobility Tools. "Enabling developers to leverage the NetBeans Mobility Pack's visual design tools as they create applications for this new market."

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