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Guess the Glyphs Competition

By: Admin, 03 Apr 2006

You may have already heard about the new NetBeans 5.0 t-shirts that have started to circulate and here is your chance to win one!

Match the glyph representing the number five with the corresponding language and you will win a free NetBeans 5.0 glyph t-shirt. The competition will run every week from Monday - Sunday.

For more information on the concept behind the NetBeans Glyphs and to enter the weekly competition visit:

Week 1 Winners: Luis Henrique Albinati Jr. (Brazil), Ramon Omar Mata Rodriguez (Mexico), Sergey Belov (Russia), Khaja Mohammad (India), and Jaroslaw Meller (Poland)

Week 2 Winners: Riteshe (Mozambique), Nathan Smith (USA), Petr Vlcek (Czech Republic), Claudiu Bulcu (Romania), and Reena Tapsee (Mauritius)

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