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Now Available: Java Web Services Developer Pack 2.0

By: Admin, 19 Jan 2006

The Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) is a free integrated toolkit you can use to build, test and deploy XML applications, Web services, and Web applications with the latest Web service technologies and standards implementations. With the newest release of the Java WSDP 2.0, developers will be able to:

  • Develop and deploy using the latest XML and Web services technologies slated for inclusion into Sun's deployment platforms.
  • Enhance Web services performance without revising WSDL files or application code with the refreshed Fast Infoset features from Java WSDP 1.6.
  • Create XML and Web service-enabled applications that exploit the enhanced security features with enhanced XWSS features.
  • Continue to enjoy Java interoperability and portability across different platforms and devices.
  • Simplify and lower the cost of legacy application integration, data interchange, and publishing in a Web environment.

The Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) 2.0 release contains the new JAX-WS 2.0 EA, JAXB 2.0 EA, and SAAJ 1.3 EA implementations, the "integrated stack" for Web services. Together these three components represent a new architecture that establishes more logical relationships between Web services description, data binding, and SOAP attachment processing. The result is that deploying Web services with the integrated stack is easier, more efficient, and more reliable. However, for backward compatibility with previous Java WSDP releases, JAX-RPC 1.1.3_01 (which JAX-WS succeeds) is also included in Java WSDP 2.0.

The Java WSDP 2.0 also includes an experimental release ("extremely EA") of JAX-WSA 1.0. JAX-WSA is Sun's implementation of the WS-Addressing specification from the World Wide Web Consortium. This is Sun's first deliverable in the major Sun-Microsoft collaboration on Web services announced earlier in 2005.

The Java WSDP 2.0 provides developer choice and flexibility by supporting the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1, the open-source application server implementation developed in the GlassFish community, and Tomcat 5.0 for Java WSDP Web containers for Web services development. (Note that the document about Tomcat 5.0 and Java WSDP 1.6 also applies to Java WSDP 2.0.) The Java WSDP 2.0 and supported Web containers are available for free download today!

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