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NetBeans Module Catalog Updates

By: Admin, 06 Dec 2005

There have been two recent updates to the module catalog: Buildap (a new entry) and YourKit Java Profiler (updated).

Buildap (aka VSCB) is a visual software design and component-based development tool. It provides an application development framework and component libraries to build web based, distributed as well as standalone applications. Support event based architectures. Buildap works with NetBeans IDE 4.x.

YourKit has developed a new approach to profiling of applications on development and production stages, bringing unparalleled benefits to professional Java developers, on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC/Intel, Mac OS X. Features: Powerful analysis capabilities, On-demand profiling, Free embedding into production, J2EE support, Java 5.0 support, Quick and easy installation, J2ME support, User-friendliness and usability, Flexible licensing policy. YourKit Java Profiler has been updated to work with NetBeans IDE 5.0.

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