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Kalideoscope Visual Editor for NetBeans IDE

By: Admin, 06 Oct 2005

Xoetrope launches XUI 2.0, and ships with KalIDEoscope, a brand new NetBeans plug-in that allows visual construction of rich-client applications. With it you can lay out your applications and debug them using the full power of the NetBeans IDE.

Within the KalIDEoscope editor the power of NetBeans is harnessed to deliver full-featured rapid application development and some of the best editing and debugging support possible. Better again, XUI is an open source framework built in a modular fashion so you can use just those parts that suit your needs and making integration and extension a breeze.

The latest XuiEditor is now built on NetBeans 4.1. The NetBeans Platform augments the custom design and layout facilities of the XuiEditor with power compile, build and debug support.

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