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Linguine Maps visualization for Ant, XML DTD, Hibernate, OJB

By: Admin, 19 Sep 2005

<b>Linguine Maps</b> visualization for Ant, XML DTD, Hibernate, OJBLinguine Maps 1.1 has been released. This is an open-source utility that can automatically produce UML-style entity-relation diagrams from Ant build files, XML DTD, Hibernate mapping files, and Object relational bridge (OJB) mapping files.

The intent of the tool is to graphically show a given DTD, XML schema, or object-relational mapping, generated from XML (or, in the case of a DTD, a DTD).

There's an online installation, as well as a gallery of example graphs. In addition, the download can be used to generate custom graphs.

The specific filetypes supported, with the type of graph generated, are:

  • Apache ANT build files (task dependency diagrams)
  • Document Type Definition (DTD) for XML documents (entity relationships and attributes)
  • Apache ObJectRelationBridge (OJB) mapping files (UML-style class diagrams)
  • Hibernate mapping files (UML-style class diagrams)

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