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Two New Additions to NetBeans Module Catalogue

By: Admin, 30 Aug 2005

Fortune Module

Gregor Kovac has developed a Fortune module that looks in user's HOME/.fortune directory for fortune files that works with NetBeans 4.1 and the upcoming release. For development he uses JDK 5.0 and NetBeans 4.1 and 5.0 (previously known as 4.2) daily builds.

Humai Trader Module

Hongwei Deng has put together the Humai Trader Project on Humai Trader is a free, open source stock technical analysis tool building on pure java. It will also be a platform for custom indicators and charts. The main interest will be W.D. Gann's approach.

You can find the download link and more information in the Tools section of the NetBeans Module Catalogue.

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