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Mevenide for NetBeans 0.8

By: Admin, 10 Aug 2005

The mevenide team has announced the Mevenide NetBeans project support 0.8 release!

The project's aim to to provide Maven project type support for the NetBeans IDE 4.0 and 4.1. The features include recognition of Maven projects, setup of the project in the IDE, running Maven, editor support for configuration files etc. Changes in this version include:

New Features:

  • Dependencies now visible and editable in Project View. Add/Edit/Remove dependency actions easily accessible from project explorer. One can download the missing dependencies, download/view it's javadoc etc. See a descriptive screenshot
  • MEVENIDE-165 - allow user to check the remote repositories for javadocs and sources of project's dependencies.
  • Added the default NetBeans IDE webapp/j2ee deployment. Allows deploying and debugging on IDE-supported servers.
  • Access pom and property files from the project view.
  • Multiple bugs fixed as usual.

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