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Vote for the 21st NetBeans Governance Board!

By: tinu, 03 Feb 2014

The NetBeans Governance Board election kicks off with the fantastic community nominees below who now need your vote:

  • Tim Boudreau
  • Lou Dasaro
  • Glenn Holmer
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • Zoran Sevarac
Learn more about the nominees and their contributions to the NetBeans Community.


    1) Go to the NetBeans Governance Board Election page. (Note: To see and use the voting form on the page, you MUST be logged in to your account on

    2) Vote for a candidate.

    3) You can vote only once.

The voting period runs through midnight, Monday, February 17th in the last time zone. The results and the new board will be announced Tuesday, February 18th.

For more information about NetBeans Governance and the election process:

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