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NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta Now Available for Download

By: tinu, 03 Oct 2011

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta.

NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta introduces support for JavaFX 2.0 by enabling the full compile/debug/profile development cycle for JavaFX 2.0 applications. The release also provides significant Swing GUI Builder enhancements, CSS3 support, and tools for visual debugging of Swing and JavaFX user interfaces.

Additional highlights include Git support integrated into the IDE, new PHP debugging features, various Java EE and Maven improvements, and more.

Release Highlights

  • JavaFX
    • Support for JavaFX 2.0
    • Support of all three deployment models: Desktop, Applet, JNLP
    • Preloaders to improve application loading experience
    • Customized UI controls using CSS3
  • Java
    • New Visual debugger
    • Gap support in GridBagLayout customizer
    • Inspect and Refactor
    • Improved Javadoc highlighting and formatting
  • Web Languages
    • Support for CSS3
    • Code completion and documentation for new CSS3 elements
    • Browser specific properties
  • Java EE
    • Cluster and Instance deployment support for GlassFish
    • 50+ CDI enhancements in Java editor
    • JSF component suite support
    • Additional improvements in Java Persistence, Web Services, EJB, WebLogic and more
  • PHP
    • Improved PHP debugging
    • PHPUnit test groups capabilities
    • Support for Smarty templates
    • Faster uploads with keep-alive for (S)FTP client
  • NetBeans Platform
    • New Window System APIs
    • Enhanced TopComponentGroup behavior
    • Visual Window Layout designer
    • Pluggable multiview components
  • Versioning
    • Integrated Git support
    • History tab on file editor window
    • Locking/unlocking files in Subversion working directory
    • Support for Mercurial branches and tags

NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Visit the 7.1 New and Noteworthy page for additional information and development updates.

The final release of NetBeans IDE 7.1 is planned for Fall 2011. We welcome feedback about your use of NetBeans software. Share your thoughts on our mailing lists and forums; follow NetBeans news by subscribing to the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter and to NetBeans on Twitter.

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