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JavaFX 2.0 Beta Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 now available for download

By: jpirek, 26 May 2011

The much-anticipated JavaFX 2.0 release is now available in public beta — which means you can take advantage of all the new benefits that JavaFX 2.0 brings to the Java platform. This release is the latest development in Oracle’s long-term commitment to making JavaFX a premier rich client platform.

JavaFX provides a powerful and expressive Java-based UI platform capable of handling large-scale computationally intensive data-driven business applications. JavaFX applications are completely developed in Java while leveraging the power of standards-based programming practices and design patterns. JavaFX provides a rich set of UI controls, graphics and media API with high-performance hardware-accelerated graphics, web and media engines to simplify development of immersive visual applications. JavaFX developers can preserve existing investments by reusing Java libraries in their JavaFX applications. They can even access native system capabilities via the Java native interface, or seamlessly connect to server-based Java EE middleware applications.

The JavaFX 2.0 Beta Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 is available for download from Please help us make JavaFX successful by testing it at an early stage and report any issues you encounter. For detailed tutorials and API documentation, see Note that that JavaFX 2.0 Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 will not support development of applications based on JavaFX 1.3.1 or earlier versions.

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