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NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta Now Available for Download!

By: tinu, 18 Nov 2010

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta.

NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta introduces language support for development to the Java SE 7 specification with the JDK 7 platform. The release also provides enhanced integration with the Oracle WebLogic server, as well as support for Oracle Database and GlassFish 3.1.

Additional highlights include Maven 3 and HTML5 editing support; a new GridBagLayout designer for improved Swing GUI development; enhanced support for executing and debugging standalone Java EE applications; and enhancements to the Java editor.

Release Highlights
  • JDK 7
    • Project Coin support
    • Editor enhancements: Code completion, hints
  • WebLogic Server
    • Streamlined and faster deployment to WebLogic
    • New server runtime node displaying deployed applications and resources
    • JSF integration with server libraries
  • Oracle Database
    • Simplified connection wizard
    • Guided installation to JDBC driver
    • Editing and deployment of stored procedures
  • GlassFish
    • GlassFish 3.1 support
    • Domain restart and log viewer for remote GlassFish
    • Enable and disable deployed applications
  • Java
    • Maven 3 support
    • JUnit 4.8.2 integration and various JUnit improvements
    • Remote HTTP URLs supported for Javadoc in libraries and Java platforms
    • New improved visual customizer for GridBagLayout
  • Java EE
    • Improved support for CDI, REST services and Java Persistence
    • New support for Bean Validation
    • Support for JSF component libraries, including bundled PrimeFaces library
    • Improved editing for Expression Language in JSF, including code completion, refactoring and hints
  • Web Languages
    • HTML5 editing support
    • JSON formatter
  • PHP
    • Generate PhpDoc
    • Rename refactoring, Safe Delete Refactoring
    • PHP 5.3 - Support for aliases
  • C/C++
    • Easy import of project from user's existing binary
    • New Project type when user's source files are located remotely
  • NetBeans Platform

NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese, as well as in several community-translated languages. Visit the NetBeans IDE 7.0 New and Noteworthy page for additional information and development updates.

The final release of NetBeans IDE 7.0 is planned for March 2011. In the meantime, we encourage you to download the Beta and give us feedback about your experience with the build. You can also join discussions about the NetBeans IDE on our mailing lists and forums, and follow NetBeans on Twitter for updates from the team.

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